Logistics, an important workflow from production to bottling!


A) Internal logistics

Everything in our production halls is designed for efficiency:
The packaging materials are transported along modern, fully automatic conveyor systems and by lift into the hall and processed in a production flow. The necessary selection of the required containers, closures, etc. is guaranteed by a pallet station, which holds all types in stock so they can be called up immediately. 
At the end of the filling process, the product is picked on a pallet and stored on the shortest route in our modern high-bay warehouse until it is shipped.
From here, the pallets are transported by remote-controlled shuttles towards the lorry to be loaded. These processes are monitored and controlled by our warehouse management system.
B) External logistics

Our smooth and fast production is of no use to you as a customer if the lorry collecting the finished goods from us has to wait a long time for loading.
Time is money and lorry drivers are under enormous time pressure every day. This is why all our loading and unloading operations are controlled by pagers in order to be able to plan the processes 
from both sides.
You simply sign up in a slot on our registration portal and this is then entered as a fixed date with us. 
This system allows us to largely avoid long waiting times in advance.