If you would like to outsource the production of your product from one of the following areas, we are your reliable and competent partner:

  • Chemical and technical industry
  • Special cleaning and detergent industry
  • Fertiliser industry
  • Liquid boron formulations


As a professional contract service provider, our core competencies lie in the filling, dissolving, mixing and wet milling of the product. In our flexibly adjustable plant, we can fill a wide range of container sizes from a capacity of 50 ml up to tanker filling.

Even the best machines could not guarantee the perfect quality of the formulated products without well-trained and conscientious employees – we at Semfill have both! 
During the filling process, we attach great importance to a flowing and therefore efficient process. For this reason, our filling lines have been arranged fully automatically and without spatial distances, from the placement of the empty containers to the palletising of the filled containers. 



And this is how your filling at Semfill could look:

  •  Optimal solutions – specially adapted to you and your product
  •  Organisation and provision of the required packaging materials and raw materials
  •  Our conscientious employees mix the product to be filled according to your confidential formulae
  •  Regular laboratory samples are taken as soon as the raw materials are delivered in order to guarantee the quality of your product
  •  Analyses and documentation according to your requirements are carried out by the laboratory – so that you have a good feeling not only in your gut but also on paper when working with us
  •  Seamless batch traceability, provision of representative production batches and certified quality management, also by our company’s own laboratory
  •  Fully automatic filling, capping and labelling in our innovative plant
  •  Coding of the containers during the production process
  •  Continuous weight control to prevent quantity deviations in the finished product
  •  Warehousing and preparation for dispatch of finished goods
  •  And, last but not least, friendly and well-trained employees who will look after you throughout the entire project.