Semfill AqueBor

1. Appearance

Semfill AqueBor is a highly concentrated white aqueous suspension of fine sodium borate particles, containing ~60% solids. 
On drying, it forms an even coating of very fine crystals (< 10µm) on any substrate.

Due to this fine particle size, Semfill AqueBor is very reactive and readily soluble in water.  It also binds strongly to surfaces upon drying. 

2. Chemical Composition (Typical)

Boric Oxide (B2O3) ……………...32,2%
Sodium Oxide (Na2O) ………....5,8%
Water of Crystallisation ………...21,6%
Free Water ………………….......38,4%
Stabilising agents……………….< 2%

3. Chemical & Physical Properties


  Density   1330 kg/m³
  Freezing Point   -3°C


Semfill AqueBor will freezes below -3°C but reverts to its normal state when thawed.



Semfill AqueBor is shear thinning.  It is designed to have high viscosity at low shear rates during storage,
giving increased stability, and low viscosity at high shear rates during stirring pumping and spraying.

AwueBor Viskosität


The pH of Semfill AqueBor ranges from mildly alkaline at low concentrations to mildly acidic at high concentrations.

% Weight of Semfill AqueBor pH @  20°C
  1,0   8,0
  5,0   7,0
  10,0   6,0


Miscibility and Dissolution

Semfill AqueBor is readily soluble in water. It can be diluted to the required concentration and applied as a dilute suspension or solution.















Semfill AqueBor can be diluted to obtain a saturated solution at different
temperatures containing the following B2O3 concentrations:


Temperatur in °C % Weight B2O3 % Weight
Semfill AqueBor
  10   7   22
  20   9   28


Melting Characteristic

For vitreous applications, after losing its free water, Semfill AqueBor loses 30% of its weight as water
of crystallisation between the temperature range of 150–500°C and melts at 800°C.

4. Applications & Uses

Semfill AqueBor is water-based and contains no organic solvents.  Being a liquid, it benefits from being easy to pour, pump, meter or spray.  It can easily be mixed with other liquids, slurries or powders.  When sprayed on substrates such as fertiliser granules, the very fine particles within Semfill AqueBor adhere strongly to the surface giving an even distribution.

Semfill AqueBor is highly soluble and readily dispersible in water and other solvents.  It is particularly useful in applications where high concentrations of sodium borate solution is required, even at low temperatures.  It can also be used as a carrier for other active ingredients.

Semfill AqueBor can be used in most borate applications such as flame retardancy, ceramics, starch adhesives, detergents, wood preservation, anti-corrosion, metallurgical surface treatment and cement-based applications. The very fine particle size of Semfill AqueBor makes it ideal for use as a borate binder or coating agent.