Modern facilities

Moderne Anlagen

We have state-of-the-art machines,
which saves time and money

Fully automatic packaging feeding via pallet conveyors connected to lifts and a warehouse system moved by shuttles are just two of the many buzzwords in our plant, which is why, right from the start: Your product is taken over on one of our three tank lines, either until it is filled into tanks or directly into the machine, which immediately starts with the filling.
The delivered empty containers are loaded pallet by pallet from the lorry onto a conveyor, which sorts them via a lift into a container-specific pallet station. From there, they travel via a clamping jaw conveyor directly into the filling station, where the containers are filled with your product within a very short time by a 7-station filler, which has a filling capacity of 300 l/minute. Immediately after filling, the containers are closed by an accompanying capper and labelled on up to four sides. Our coder can attach both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes to your container.
A belt weigher checks the weight of the containers before they are immediately palletised fully automatically by our stacking robot. The requirements on shipping security are taken into account in this.