Boronated Fertilisers

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Many added-value fertilisers contain boron as a micronutrient with levels ranging from 0.01%B to 1.0%B. Traditionally, boron granules are blended with the NPK fertiliser granules or alternatively boron powder is granulated with the NPK powder to produce compounded granules.  Both of these methods suffer from the inhomogeneous incorporation of the boron within the fertiliser.

Boron in liquid form, as a suspension or solution, provides an excellent means of incorporating boron into the fertiliser.  Boron in liquid form can be sprayed on NPK granules prior to drying to form an even coating of boron.  Alternatively, the boron liquid can be sprayed as a binding agent during the granulation process.  In both cases, the boron is homogeneously distributed within the fertiliser.

Due to the reactions of boron with the NPK components, it has been found that using boron in liquid form, as a coating agent or a binding agent, can improve the physical properties of the NPK fertiliser.  Fertilisers granulated with boron in liquid form are very strong with a crushing strength of 70N but readily dispersible and soluble. The added strength leads to reduced granule degradation, dustiness and segregation.  The use of borate liquids also provides anti-caking benefits which result in the reduction or elimination of using anti-caking agents.

If you would like to test the use of boron liquids as a coating agent or binding agent for fertilisers, please speak to our technical team to select the best borate liquid to use.